The Seafloor Cinema

In Cinemascope With Stereophonic Sound Baby Pink & Bone Galaxy - LP


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The Seafloor Cinema In Cinemascope with Stereophonic Sound Baby Pink & Bone Galaxy Vinyl LP

200 - PN 1 - Doublemint w/ Bone & White Twist
300 - PN 2 - Doublemint & Electric Blue Aside/Bside w/ Bone Splatter
300 - Indie Retail - Bone in Clear with Heavy Doublemint Splatter
700 - Various - Baby Pink & Bone Galaxy

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant tracks "Tap Tapply" & "Drip God" (sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
1. Adjusting Expectations
2. Glimmer
3. Crash Nebula… on ice!
4. John Henry, the Man Who Beat the Machine
5. Nightjammer
6. May
7. 1,000 Ways to Say You’re Okay Every Day
8. Drip God
9. Can Someone Please Draw me a Map to Serotonin
10. Such Smol Hands
11. If You Deserve it, You Deserve it
12. Rayla
13. Tap Tapply

Album release date is November 12th
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