The Warriors      

Monomyth LP Bundle

Monomyth Black/White Aside Bside w/ Silver splatter Deluxe Vinyl LP
Monomyth Black Inside Clear Vinyl LP
Monomyth Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Black and White Splatter Vinyl LP

Includes 20 page booklet with exclusive artwork and photos from the making of Monomyth

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant track Death Ritual(sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
1. All Life Is One
2. The Painful Truth
3. Iron Mind
4. Yu'ukwep Nukagüd (Death Dancer)
5. Death Ritual
6. Hutch
7. Within, Without
8. Fountain Of Euth
9. Tavi Üüs Yukwenaak (The Sun is Dying)
10. Burn From The Lion
11. Beyond the Human Dimension
12. Last SOS

200 - Deluxe Version – Black / White aside side with Silver splatter
200 - Indie Retail - Black and Clear Pinwheel
300 - Various 1 - Black Inside Clear
500 - Various 2 - Ultra Clear w/ heavy black and white splatter

Album release date is December 13th
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