Logos Variant 2 LP

Selfish Things      

Logos Variant 2 LP

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Logos LP - Half White / Half Coke Bottle Clear
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Track List:
1. Flood
2. Blood (ft. Andy Leo)
3. Rowen
4. Pride
5. Synaptic
6. Torn (ft. Spencer Chamberlain)
7. Hole
8. Crutch
9. Drained (ft. William Ryan Key)
10. Mind
11. Youth

Album release date is September 20th, 2019

Pressing Info:
200 - PN Exclusive - Electric Blue / Doublemint Aside/Bside with heavy White & Red(ish) Splatter
300 - Various 1 - Coke Bottle Clear w/ Heavy White Splatter
500 - Various 2 - Half White / Half Coke Bottle Clear

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