Split Black/Aqua Blue Smash 7 Inch LP

Split Black/Aqua Blue Smash 7 Inch LP

Pressing Info:
500 - Half Black / Half Clear w/Blue Splatter on the Clear Side
1250 (RISE COLOR) - Black / Baby Blue / White Striped Tri-color
1250 (PURE NOISE COLOR) - Black / Aqua Blue Smash

Track List:
Side A - Man Overboard
1. One Fixed Point
2. Cute When You Scream (SF Cover)
Side B - Senses Fail
1. All You Need Is Already Within You
2. Real Talk (MOB cover)

Senses Fail Pure Noise Records Man Overboard ID: 194406 Catalog ID: 3073 SKU: MBSFSPLTBA-LP00 Created: 2/03/2015
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