'68 Yes, And... Vinyl LP. Album art depicts a doodle cobra with a lot of various scribble images around it, too many to describe and in various color. vinyl LP is exposed to show color. color of LP is Blood Red with black and white splatter.
Yes, And... - Blood Red W/ Black & White Splatter LP


Yes, And... - Blood Red W/ Black & White Splatter LP

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250 - PN1 - Red,, White, Black Aside/Bside w/ White & Blue splatter
350 - PN2 - Red in Clear w/ Black & Blue Splatter
300 - Indie Retail - Black Ice with White Splatter
250 - Band - Clear/Red Tri-Stripe
1000 - Various - Blood Red w/ Black & White Splatter

Track List:
1: With Distance Between
2: The Captains Sat
3: Removed Their Hooks
4: Removed Their Hats
5: “Let’s Be Friends”
6: “End This War”
7: They All Agreed
8: Then Got Bored
9: Within the Hour, They Were No More

Album release date is September 29th 2023
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