Handguns - Disenchanted Mustard/Orange/Oxblood LP


Handguns - Disenchanted Mustard/Orange/Oxblood LP

  • Disenchanted Mustard/Orange/Oxblood - Stripped Tri color Vinyl
  • Instant Track "Self Portrait" sent via email at the time of purchase

Pressing Info:
100 Red/Orange/Grey Smash with Black Splatter (MerchNow Exclusive)
150 Orange/ Red color in color (Tour Exclusive)
300 Half White with Orange Splatter/Half Red (Various)
650 Mustard/Orange/Oxblood - Stripped Tri color (Various)

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  1. Self Portrait
  2. The Worst In Me
  3. My Lowest Point
  4. Low Spirits
  5. Bury Me
  6. Carbon Copy Elitist
  7. Disenchanted
  8. Conjuring My Youth
  9. Missed Calls
  10. Recovery

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